Hydraulic Valves and Mounting Subplates

Hydraulic Valves and Mounting Subplates


Hydraulic valves are mechanical or electronic devices used to regulate fluid flow within a hydraulic system. Since hydraulic valves are used in many different areas in systems, there are many types.

The Bluetech mounting subplates are available in a wide range of variants compatible with the Bluetech valves and other brand valves. They can be produced according to different systems, different sizes, and different pressures.

You can see our valves and mounting subplates types above. To get more information, you can also examine the valve and subplate catalogs that you are interested in.



Pressure Control Valves ⇒ Pressure C.V. Catalog- 1Pressure C.V Catalog- 2, and Pressure C.V. Catalog- 3

These are the valves that ensure that the pressure of the fluid used in hydraulic systems is at the desired value.


Directional Control Valves ⇒ Directional C.V. Catalog- 1, Directional C.V. Catalog- 2, and Directional C.V. Catalog- 3

These valves determine when and which path the fluid should follow.


Proportional Valves ⇒ Proportional Valves Catalog

Proportional control valve is the name given to the valves in hydraulic systems that allow stopping the fluid at any time, adjusting the flow rate, or releasing the flow.


Flow Control Valves ⇒ Flow C.V. Catalog- 1 and Flow C.V. Catalog- 2

In order to control the movement speeds of the cylinder and the engine in hydraulic systems, it is necessary to increase or decrease the oil flow. Flow control valves are an important part of the hydraulic system that performs this task.


Modular Control Valves ⇒ Modular C.V. Catalog- 1 and Modular C.V. Catalog- 2

Modular valves are designed to meet the requirements of modern hydraulic systems, it has the characteristics of variety, rationality, and without pipeline connection. The modular valves equipped with solenoid directional valves and manifolds lessen some devices and save space. As various valves can be mounted or removed easily, addition or change of oil lines can be obtained quickly and conveniently.


Hyperpressure Valves ⇒ Hyperpressure Valves Catalog

These valves are used in systems with high-pressure fluids.


Mounting Subplates ⇒ Mounting Subplates